Monday, May 7, 2012

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About Blogging: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Bloggers

Susan Gunelius - Blogging Guide
6:30 AM (2 hours ago)

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From Susan Gunelius, your Guide to Blogging
This week's newsletter is filled with tips, tricks, and more to help you use social media to promote your blog and drive traffic to it while building your online reputation and increasing your online influence.

Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools for Bloggers
Managing your various social media activities is time-consuming, and monitoring your online reputation across the social web every day is challenging. This article introduces you to a number of free and affordable tools that you can use to manage your social media activities and monitor your online reputation more efficiently.

15 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media Marketing
Learn 15 easy ways that you can increase blog traffic with social media marketing.

10 Best Social Media Books for Bloggers
There are some fantastic books available that can teach you about social media quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Check out the books in this list to learn about 10 of the best.

Social Media Glossary for Bloggers
Make sense of social media with the definitions of common terms that affect bloggers.


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